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Who, What, Why

Rebel Soul Wear is a range of inspirational clothing created by Donna Giffen. 


Wearing our affirmations not only sets an intention for the day, but it also helps make us accountable for the energy we take forth and the message we wish to share!  It's also a great way to reach out and touch others, giving them a little boost and maybe some much needed encouragement in their day! 

It's about being the change, sharing the good vibes & lifting each other up!

Rebel Soul Wear is currently undergoing a revamp and will relaunch soon.

New Plant-Powered Range Now Available

Herbivore Collection.jpg

Connect & Share

Please do share your gorgeousness with us, wearing your affirmation and if you have a story that goes with it, that may just encourage somebody else, we'd love to hear from you!​

We love seeing inspirational people like our beautiful friends Maddie, Elizabeth & Sue, pictured below rocking their statements!

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Tag, You're It!

Be sure to post & tag us & use these hashtags so we see you.
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 Hashtags: #rebelsoulwear #wearyouraffirmation #shareyourgoodvibes 
You can also drop us an email:

Thank you for being a part of our journey & uplifting others!

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