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D's Kitchen Witchin & High Vibin' Good Grub

An easy-peasy guide to plant based living!


For ultimate health and wellness, we need to consider what goes into the mouth and what comes out.  What we eat, and what we say and believe about how easy or difficult something may or may not be is the winning combo.  It's about mind, body & spirit.

Our physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as our general vitality, are very much affected by the quality of food we consume, but in turn, the attitude we have towards food and the energy with which we prepare it has a direct effect on our emotional state and therefore commitment to a lifestyle and our enjoyment of it.  

If something appears difficult or has the feeling of lack, it's not endearing or exciting, so not easily implementable. When we truly understand the power of nature's goodness on our overall wellness and vitality and combine high vibrational gorgeous grub with daily mindset tools, we really can transform our lives from the inside, out.


Coming soon to these pages will be lots of yummy, easy recipes that are packed with goodness as well as great tips to help make this achievable.  

I look forward to sharing it all with you!

The Plant-Power recipe book is on it's way soon!

This channel is coming soon!
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