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Lessons from Nature

What this incredible Universe we are a part of and connected with can teach us about life and about ourselves.

Lessons from Nature

It's easy to think of nature as "out there", something separate from us, but this incredible Universe we are a part of, and connected with, can teach us a lot about life and about ourselves. We experience the same cycle of birth, growth, death & rebirth many times throughout our lives, we just resist, struggle & fight against the elements in our environment & stages of our journey, trying to push things in the way we feel they should go or be, instead of allowing the natural flow & trusting in the process. There are beautiful, sometimes silent messages to be learned when we become present, humbled & vulnerable, open to all that is presented to us. When we accept ourselves as one with the cyclical and temperamental nature of our environment for this human adventure and surrender, viewing life not as events happening to us, but precious gifts for us, that we chose when we came here, the best series and sequence of circumstances for our Soul's evolution, to fulfil our mission for this lifetime, then each Season and phase we find ourselves in can be beautiful.

I'm not sure how I'd receive and make peace with life's variety of experiences and the ways of this world without my deep connection with, and the faith that comes from my belief in our relationship to nature, so here are some musings in the hope it may resonate with and bring others a sense of calm, connectedness, empowerment and hope, as well as a little belief in the magick of this Universe.

1. Nothing in nature is hurried. In every process there is a need for non-action. Take your hands off occasionally. There are Universal laws, we are all ruled by them. Allow.

2. Everything has its time to blossom and to replenish. Variety is beautiful & beauty is everywhere. We are all unique, all have something special we bring to the world. A flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms for all to see. Be you. Love you.

3. Seasons change, nothing is permanent and each phase can be beautiful if we learn acceptance and non-resistance. A green leaf doesn’t resist turning red when autumn approaches. Trees don’t resist leaves falling when winter arrives. They stand deeply rooted in the ground, with their vulnerability out in the open and branches spread wide, surrendering to the Universe.

4. Every path has its puddles & fallen branches. We can see puddles as icky, annoying, in the way, something to walk around so we don't get our feet wet, or we can see them as mirrors, gifts of reflection. We don't get annoyed at a fallen tree on a woodland walk, we marvel at its beauty and even sit on it for a while, contemplating with awe, the miracle of nature. There are lessons everywhere and each obstacle, person or situation is an opportunity to look at and connect with ourselves more deeply. 5. Rain is necessary to cleanse, purify, refresh and renew the earth. Don't hide away, covered up, head down, hurrying through the drizzles or downpours in life. Stand there, head back, arms open and allow them to do as nature does, to bring clarity, balance and calm.

6. Darkness is necessary to appreciate the light. No matter what storms are passing, or how over-grown, thick and heavy our view may be, always trust that beyond the clouds, and through the foliage the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining.

7. Not all things that exist can be seen or heard. Some things need to be felt. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Don’t be limited to your 5 senses. There is a magic all around us, within us, always on the go, ready to be tapped into at any moment. Pause, close your eyes, connect.

8. Plant seeds, but remember they take time to grow and they need love and nourishment. Put out your desires, water them with faith, trust, affection, kindness and allow them their process, their Divine timing. Don't pick at them.

9. We all absorb negative energy that needs to be expelled. A melt-down isn't always a bad thing. Anything from discomfort to chaos to hitting rock-bottom is a natural part of life. You are not broken, you are an energetic being with a current running through you who gathers, holds and needs to ground and expel now and again to bring order & balance. It's ok to just come to your knees or lay on the floor. It's just your internal, incredible, intelligent gauge readjusting the system!

10. Nothing in life is certain, or permanent. The weather can change at any moment. We cannot control external events. But we can choose how we ride out every moment and look for the beauty around us the way we do with nature.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love, healing energy and many blessings for wherever you are in your journey. Know that you are enough, that you are important and that you're doing just great! You have the power and ability to create the life you want, to step fully into your Soul's purpose and live your highest vision. Nothing is permanent, change comes, so breathe, trust and allow. Work with you're given, not against it and trust your process. You're not here to be perfect, you're here to evolve, to grow, to do the best you can, to be fully human. You're doing great!

Love, Dx

"Be your own messy human self. It's good enough."

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